Saturday, February 9, 2013


Alhamdulillah.. it has been 4 month at my new college. Although i have pass several paper.. i have one paper stuck. Insya'Allah.. i will settle it before my fourth paper. Do pray for me.. for my successfull in dunya and akhirah.

Recently.. i'm thinking about my marriage. I don't know why?.. but it always keep appeared in my mind.. and always make myself in 'muhasabah' state. Many question rise in my head.. Am I good enough to get married?.. Can I faces anything that happens with 'rasional' state when i'm a married man?.. Am I eligeble to get married?.. Am I?.. Am I?..

I found that I have to do many things first berfore i'm getting married.. and when i calculated it.. i see that i cannot fulfill it before i get my marriage.. it is because.. it was so many.. that i think i will be an insane man to fulfill it.. because it was so.. so.. many.

I dunno why i keep asking my-self about this things.. it make's my head dazzled. hmmm...

What do i have to do?.. just wait?.. just pray?..

This things cannot be done with just wait and prayed.. it's only can be done with struggle and prayed.

I'm keep my-self about this matter for so long and prayed that Allah will always guide me.. not just only in this matter.. but in my whole life.. anytime and anywhere i go.

May Allah always guide us to His path.



zulfadli said...

hujjah, barakallahufik.

I think u are ready to step into this second stages of life. this is a times. huhu.. when is it yeah? please dont 4get to invite ok..

Pelakar Pelangi ^_^ said...

Zulfadli.. Barakallah.. ^_^

Insya'Allah.. i will invite u.